Meet The Nellie Philanthropy Foundation


Founded in 2001 as the “Points to a Dream” Foundation, the Nellie Philanthropy Foundation (NPF) has expanded and grown into one of the most responsive grassroots foundations in Canada.

The NPF is a Montreal-based Canadian charitable public foundation, committed to making a difference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and around the world. Our main focus is to provide help to those who are less fortunate, whether they are underprivileged children, the homeless, or pregnant and lactating women, to name a few, although we have many programs that target the general public as well. Many donors would like to donate, but are unaware of the ways to do so. In light of this, the aim of the NPF is multi-faceted, with the overriding goal to facilitate and encourage charitable giving for donors and recipients alike.

The NPF specializes in the concept of “Flash Philanthropy” run under the name of Montreal Citizen Philanthropy. Like the notion of “Citizen Science”, “Citizen Philanthropy” hopes to mobilize on the desire of donors to do good on their own, expeditiously, through their personal initiative, to be involved in charitable projects, whether they be “one-offs” or ongoing efforts without being bogged down by the constraints of larger charitable organizations. Have a charitable idea? We want to hear it (please email us), allow us to be the incubator for innovative philanthropic ventures.

Do you wish to collect food or clothing for a particular cause? We have a dedicated bin for that.

Do you wish to hold a quick fundraiser? We have access to innovative fundraising platforms as well.

Another facet of Citizen Philanthropy is our "D-I-Y Foundation" program which allows someone with a charitable disposition to create their own foundation. Most donors don’t know where to begin, worse yet, are confused by the administrative hassle of a charitable registration and dealing with the associated paperwork. The NPF will serve as a conduit for your organization provided that the ultimate recipient of the group's funds is an eligible charity or “qualified donor”. You are invited to set up your own "Board of Directors" and among the services provided to you will be the issuance of tax receipts to your donors by the NPF. The NPF takes its obligations under the law very seriously and as such, will ensure diligently that the funds directed end up with those who need them and not wasted on needless administrative costs.

Do you want to lend your talents to a cause?

We are looking for you too! We have so many ideas, but they are just that, ideas, unless we can execute, and here is where you come in. Perhaps you don’t have a project in mind but love what we do and want to be involved, well, we have several categories for that too. We would love for you to join our roster of talent.

Angel Donors – We receive requests from charities for donated items all the time. Using NPF’s contents we are also able to get such items at significantly discounted prices. As Angel Donor, you will have the opportunity to choose from various options of where your dollars should go. Your donation, your choice.

Mules – We always need items to get from point A to B whether that be across town or across the ocean. We can use drivers or travelers to help us.

Quarterbacks – Every team needs a good quarterback and philanthropy is no different. If you are goal oriented and know how to get a job done, you are a quarterback. Not only will you direct and manage where necessary, but you will fill in and take on roles where needed.

Shoppers – Believe it or not there is a role for you, if you are an eagle-eye shopper, we are always looking for someone who finds products at any level-wholesale or retail that meets the needs of one of projects or one of our affiliated agencies;

Tradespeople - This category runs the gamut-are you a graphic designer? A printer? A financial professional? An attorney? We will match your skill with a charitable project.

We also host funds “in memory of” in the event of someone’s passing. If the family and friends are not sure to whom they would like to give in their time of grief, the NPF will receive and hold on to funds and then after a decision has been made, the NPF will distribute to as many charities as directed.

The NPF is also able to provide Charitable Consulting. Is your company looking fora charitable idea that fits your corporate image? Allow us to help you in that regard.


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