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MotherFood International

MotherFood International is a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to creating innovative ways to address malnutrition and poverty in the developing world. The key is with mothers. When a mother has poor nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, her child’s physical and cognitive development is irreversibly affected for life. One common outcome is stunting. Stunting occurs when a child is short for their age, and also suffers from severe immune deficiencies and cognitive impairments.

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Canadian Friends of Israel Hockey

The Canadian Friends of Israel Hockey was founded in Montreal in 1991 by David Lisbona and Larry Markowitz. Since its inception, the organization has sent hundreds of bags of ice hockey equipment to Israel and in the early nineties, published a newsletter entitled "The Hockey Shtick".

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Community Shares Program

Through the "Community Shares" program, the NPF serves as the clearinghouse for smaller charities to enable them to take advantage of the donation of publicly traded shares. The NPF has opened brokerage accounts with every major brokerage firm in Canada thereby facilitating the transfer process. Under its objects, the NPF is able to transfer proceeds it receives to any "qualified donee" as defined under the Income Tax Act, which every registered charity must be. The NPF will ultimately distribute the funds to one or multiple charitable organizations unless there is a request for the securities to be retained.

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Montreal Jewish Genetic Disorders Fund

One-in-five descendants of Eastern and Central European Jews carry some genetic mutation. It is now possible to identify these mutations with a simple blood test or saliva-test. If couples are both carriers of the same mutation and are aware, they have many reproductive options and can understand the implications of these options.  The MJGDF is a volunteer-run organization.

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Nellie’s Market

Once complete, this will provide a platform for donors to find charities to whom to donate specific surplus items and charities will present themselves as a “market” for such goods, call it an “eBay for Charities”. It is also hoped that Nellie’s Market will be able to match volunteers with charitable initiatives. If you are a donor who has surplus goods, please contact us.

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Now I get it - Demystifinance Seminar Series

Financial education is severely lacking among all age groups, we provide seminars on educational subjects ranging from investments, tax, business, economics, banking and entrepreneurship to enable the general public, both young and old, to truly understand concepts that are part of their everyday lives.

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Points To A Dream

The Canada Revenue Agency has determined that loyalty points have a value and thus can be gifted by a donor to a charity. Whereas the benefit of frequent flyer miles is obvious to charities that do a substantial amount of traveling, there are other "points" programs where essential supplies can be purchased with donated points. There are a variety of programs that enable donors to donate points. Should you be interested in donating your points to charity, please contact us.

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Strategic Purchasing Initiative (SPIn)

The Strategic Purchasing Initiative (SPIn) promotes a new level of collaboration between private and public companies. Our goal is to encourage the non-profit sector to work more closely with supermarkets to ensure that every charitable dollar purchases the greatest amount of food for those who need it most. This program is called the Strategic Purchasing Initiative (SPIn). 

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Wish Procurement Program (WPP) and Gimme5

As everyone knows that for items that are essential to a charitable organization, a donation of goods worth $5,000 is equivalent to receiving a cash donation of $5,000. Allow our Shoppers to go to work and find the items you need (new or used), all we need is your wish list.

Also, we invite all charities to provide us a list of the 5 most difficult items that are donated to them. This program focuses on the items that the charity needs but does not get donated.